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    Cute but Gross Patch $5.00

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    isolated - a mix for those that feel lonely/helpless by tumblr user vlnea (with help from tumblr user ttenten!!)

    Listen / Cover Art Credit


    01. calm me down - mother mother // 02. twilight galaxy - metric // 03. loficries - purity ring // 04. feel it all around - washed out // 05. map of the problematique - muse // 06. binary mind - ra ra riot // 07. dadada - the naked and famous // 08. heavy rope(acoustic) - lights // 09. sans soleil - miike snow // 10. ghosting - mother mother // 11. if i ever feel better - phoenix

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    ive been doing my best trying to simplify gideons shape but let me tell u. shits hard

    MAN  these are so fluid and awesome! Such great work!!! Inspiring me to examine the shapes I draw my own characters witttthhhhh

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    it’s all in the joints

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    Little Dipper ✂ housebuiltbyghosts

    "I was awoken by the sound of mockery. Where is it? Show me the object of ridicule!"
    "I’m taller than Dipper!"
    "By one millimeter!"
    "Hey, hey, don’t get… short with your sister."
    "Now Grunkle Stan, I hope you don’t think… little of him."


    my submission to 321gravityfalls Season 2 countdown! I love this episode, partly because i have an identical twin sister, and she is one INCH taller than me! I feel your pain, Dipper!

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    youre gonna look so godamn cool

    hell yeah

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    feeling intimidated by people you want to be really good friends with


    #feeling intimidated by people you’re already friends with

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  9. [ listen here ] - 14 song guro mix for those who like what’s underneath the skin! or if you just like the songs made by those who do, who knows!

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    Wolves for Schafmayer & Company in NYC. 2014

    I’m in love with these

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    I’ve received a lot of letters from artists asking to check out their artwork and their blog, and I’ve noticed that a lot of them openly write unhealthy amounts of negative comments about their artwork, it was super depressing, honestly.  :(
    Confidence plays a very very important role as an artist, it’s what helps us learn and grow without the constant feeling of doubt and jealousy!  You are a unique individual who must go down your own unique path, and as scary as it sounds, you can’t rely on others to hold your hand all the way through.  You are the only one who can get yourself to where you need to go, and beating up your artwork is not the way!  Trust yourself and your abilities to make a change, and you can do anything!!

    Love your art, love yourself!

    it can be frustrating, but i gotta remember this!

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    Hi darlings! Here are the next few pages of Ode so far!!  Make sure you follow along on Mondays and Wednesdays!!

    ODECOMIC.COM  | Start from the Beginning | RSS

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    ladies and other doodles