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    whitexblackrose Knew you were a Tim Burton fan.

    *Squeee* !!!! I really need to get this one. *hugs* Thanks for bringing it to my attention.


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    me too


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    Hey guys, I’m getting a lot of asks about the same things, mostly questions about how to make comics, how to “break into comics” (haha, oh dear), working with publishers, that kind of thing. I’ve done some blogging on many of the subjects, so instead of repeatedly replying in private with links to…

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    Gravity Falls Soundtrack - Monsters, Myths & Mysteries


    Supernatural - Ken Ashcorp / Welcome to Mystery - Plain White T’s / Afraid - The Neighbourhood / Ghost Town - Shiny Toy Guns / Flagpole Sitta - Harvey Danger / Eyes on Fire - Blue Foundation / Ghosting - Freelance Whales / Deer in the Headlights - Owl City / S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W - My Chemical Romance / Aha! - Imogen Heap / Ghost Song - Patrick Wolf / When You Were Young - The Killers / Dirty Paws - Of Monsters and Men / Small Town Moon - Regina Spektor / The Middle - Jimmy Eat World / Little Ghost - The White Stripes / Southern Bells in London Sing - The Faint / Flyswatter - The Eels / Made Me Realize - Brad Breeck

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    Can you believe I got to draw 80s Kiefer Sutherland for a class assignment

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    ((I’m still sick! I’m thinking maybe thursday/friday updates are better?)

    New page of White Pine Blue Moon.

    Updates every Thursday

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    same old deal

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    The Acceptables updated today. Yay!

    Visit the comic here.

    Or read from the beginning.

    You can also visit Redbubble or Etsy to help support the comic.

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    hey everyone! my partner and I are hoping to put together a zine, full of goodies drawn by YOU!

    the theme of course, is sweet treats! candy, cookies, ice cream, anything sugary and scrumptious! don’t feel like you can ONLY draw food though, feel free to interpret the theme how you like! we’d love to see comics, illustrations, and of course recipes of your favorite treats!

    • while this is a cute theme, it’s not intended to be all ages! sexy things are okay, though ultimately it is up to our discretion. just be tasteful!
    • hi res images are encouraged! 300dpi and up is recommended
    • please make new art for this! we’d rather have fresh stuff
    • we are planning to sell printed copies, and digital copies
    • final page count is not yet known, since this is our first project of this nature! it all depends on submissions. this will also determine pricing.
    • we are not concrete in artist royalties yet, but we do want to make sure you get a little something! right now what we have in mind is free print copies, as well as splitting money from digital copies. money from print versions would likely go back into print cost.
    • the deadline for submissions is october first 15th!

    want to send us something? my email is nina@dapshow.com

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  14. robertryancory:

    There you go. I appreciate all the questions I’m receiving, but I have some epic Gravity Falls to design (along with moving). I want to post more drawings than answers as well. So pause for a minute while I catch up with life.

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    July, 1958

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