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    Remember how a lot of us freaked out over the idea of SpongeBob and his friends being CG in the upcoming movie? That was before we really saw their models in action. Just look at these shots! The poses! The expressions! The lack of hyper-realism! I need to know who does the CG animation for this film because they get all my love for 3D-ing these characters so well!

    Also, if you still don’t like it, just know that the film also has hand-drawn animation.

    WOW they did a great job! It’s so nice to see super stylized desgins translated well into 3D! Yay!

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    the baby returns



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  4. 1950s Prom and Party Dresses: Pastels

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  6. yup

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    Danielle Rose

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    I just find it so interesting to learn about other artist’s processes, what’s yours? 

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    Last of the Boot Hill Rejects Gang.

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    Ju-On: The Grudge - 2002 - Takashi Shimizu

    One night I was real bored and watched the Grudge twice and then a third time with commentary. I do that with a lot of movies.

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    Gosh Sorry it’s so late!


    My (LATE!SORRY!) submission for Day 28 of Gravity Falls Countdown!

    Submission for gravityfallscountdown….needs a few more inbetweens, hahah